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Xenomorph Chestburster XP Style :iconkaijira:Kaijira 1 1 Xenomorph Egg XP Style :iconkaijira:Kaijira 1 1 Face Hugger XP Style :iconkaijira:Kaijira 1 2 Xenomorph XP Style :iconkaijira:Kaijira 1 2 Phantom Knight of Break Sword :iconkaijira:Kaijira 1 1 Rem XP Style :iconkaijira:Kaijira 2 0 Ram XP :iconkaijira:Kaijira 1 0 Ram VX Style :iconkaijira:Kaijira 1 0 Rem VX Style :iconkaijira:Kaijira 2 0 Emilia XP Style :iconkaijira:Kaijira 1 0 Blaster Smaller :iconkaijira:Kaijira 3 0 Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos :iconkaijira:Kaijira 1 0 Kuriboh :iconkaijira:Kaijira 6 1 Fire Fist Bear :iconkaijira:Kaijira 2 0 Slate Warrior :iconkaijira:Kaijira 0 0 Elemental HERO Stratos :iconkaijira:Kaijira 2 0


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United States
This site is a nightmare to actually navigate. You all know that, right?

My ineptitude with any unfrequented website aside, I do accept commissions for pixel art. Since I can't seem to figure this place out, I use it as an image host, and rarely check on things. So if you're interested in hiring me, shoot me an email at the address below:

I only accept Paypal, and my rates are as follows (Prices in USD, and before Paypal Fees):

VX Style Sprite: $10
XP Style Sprite: $12
Anything which fits within a 64x64 Pixel Canvas: $10

If you have a job which isn't covered above, simply send me an email with the details and I can get you a quote.


Xenomorph Egg XP Style
What's a face hugger without an egg to hatch from? The first row is just the key frames for someone who doesn't want to spend much time eventing the animation. The third and fourth are for those who want to put in the extra effort.

Not much to say about the piece itself, aside from the lack of slime effect. I wanted strands sticking to the shell as it opened, but alas didn't have enough time to get it in there. Was actually a satisfying piece to animate though.
Face Hugger XP Style
Figured I'd continue with sprites based on H. R. Giger's Aliens. Decided to have a bit more fun with the tail than I did with the Xenomorph Drone, since the rest of the sprite didn't take nearly as long. The sheet was made with RPG Maker in mind, specifically XP, so I had to sacrifice some room on the bottom row in order to allow the sprite to work properly with the engine. This resulted in a more boring technique for animating the tail than the rest of the sprite.
Xenomorph XP Style
This took considerably longer than I thought it would. I pity the artist(s) who worked on the Alien vs Predator games. In the end I had to sacrifice a bit of quality in order to cut down on the amount of time it would take to animate. In an ideal world I would've used more frames and had way more fun with the tail, alas who has the time for that?


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MdjLatamGames Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2017  Hobbyist Interface Designer
hello! you do commissions? i need some marines from aliens. 
Kaijira Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2017
Lol, sorry. I rarely hop on here anymore. If you're still interested, send me an email at It'd probably cost around $10+paypal fees (extra $0.61 or so).
Kaijira Featured By Owner Edited May 26, 2015
(EDIT: I apparently have no idea how to use the comment system here... ignore this comment)
Moonwing21 Featured By Owner May 20, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Hi there! I was just wondering, how much would you charge for a commissioned pixel sprite that's VX compatible, and how much for an XP compatible one? 
Broyito Featured By Owner May 24, 2015  Student Digital Artist
VX Compatible overworld sprite - $7
VX Custom poses [NEW!] - $3
XP Compatible overworld sprite - $8
Payment is done through Paypal. There is a base charge of $1 per commission, and an additional $1 for every $20 of the commission's final price.


Hope it works! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ✧゚
Moonwing21 Featured By Owner May 26, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Awesome! Thank you!
Kaijira Featured By Owner May 26, 2015
Why is it every time I hop on here I just missed a message from someone...? Anyway, Broyito is exactly right about prices. While I have literally just updated my rates, you made it in under the deadline. If you are still interested, would you mind sending me an email at

I don't have any notifications setup here, and am not around often enough to keep up with messages.
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